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Welcome to Caterpillar Creek Farm located in Aldie, VA.

My name is Nathan and after working on organic farms for 9 years, I decided to start my own. I am practicing organic methods and you can be certain your produce from my farm has been raised with the utmost care and attention for quality and consistency.  No GMO seeds or store bought plants here!  All my produce has been started from organic, heirloom seeds that I have planted and raised myself.  My farm will have these high standards and will also be offering some unique varieties and colors you won't see anywhere else.  If you see me out in the field, wave hello!!

2023 - Great Plans are coming in 2023.  Can we say strawberries? I planted over 500 strawberry plants this fall and I will have a selection of floral bouquets available. And we now have organic eggs from happy free range chickens!

Check out my instagram account to see what farmer's markets I will be at and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY SMALL BUSINESS : )

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